Unfortunately, equipment can sometimes break or otherwise malfunction. Thankfully, almost all of the products we carry have a manufacturer's warranty. After your product return window has passed, contacting the manufacturer of your equipment is the best way to get issues with the product resolved. The "Manufacturers & Warranty" section of our help site contains contact details for the main manufacturers whose products we carry.

Please try to get in touch with the manufacturer of your equipment if the returns period for your product has lapsed. 

Include information such as when you purchased the product, detailed information on the problem you are having, and your product's serial number (often found on the packaging and/or on the back or side of the actual product). To avoid any confusion or lost packages, never ship your item prior to contacting the manufacturer and finding out their warranty policies.

If you ever have any trouble getting in touch with your item's manufacturer, please let us know so that we can help you out.